Pipeline Leak Detection Services

Leaks - Subsidence - Encroachment

We use Drones or UAV's to: collect aerial imagery, create digital elevation models, and detect gas and surface leaks. Fastest, cheaper, and safer than in the past!

Laser Based Aerial Leak Detection

We use a Boreal Laser, Gas Finder UAS system aboard our drone to provide a very accurate gas measurement over your pipeline or oil and gas assets

Optimized For Speed

Using Drones we can deploy and detect quickly in almost any area. Our system is quiet, quick, safe, and cost effective option to manned ground and aerial leak surveys

Customers Love Our Services

Mitigating risk and getting real time data gives our customers the information they need, when they need it to make informed decisions

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

By collecting geospatial surface and gas plume data, we can use GIS to do complex analysis and support customers by locating the exact spot of the leak or the depth of subsidence

Safety and Experience

Our safety plan meets the standards of the top oil and gas companies in the World. Our services are COR and ISNetworld compliant and we follow a extensive UAV and oil and gas operations and safety protocol

Online Ordering and Data Viewing

Our ge-tagged data is delivered and viewed online to our clients, making for quick display and a easy interface to preform measurements, and assign tasks. Jobs can be quickly quoted using our online order system, click on the order button to find out more

Accuracy and Sensitivity

Using Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy, we don't produce any false readings, and our detection is as sensitive as 0.05 ppm!

Cost and Reduced Risk

Mobilization is a fraction of the cost of manned systems, and time to be on site is very fast as our equipment fits on to commercial aircraft or ½ ton trucks. Drone fly low, slow, and quietly, reducing impact on land owners and risk to pipeline companies from manned helicopter crashes


We have done many pipeline inspection projects in Canada. Please see our projects below.


Date: 07/19/2015

Client: Cenovus Energy

Skills: Methane Plume Modelling and Concentration Mapping

We have done many Aerial Mapping and Leak Detection projects in Western Canada and Mexico. Our expensive expertise in operations, data collection, and unique processing sets us apart in the industry. Rely on use for your mosts sensitive and complex mapping and leak detection missions. Mitigate risk using lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles and increase accuracy using the best laser based systems and cameras in the World

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We offer services and innovation others simply can't!


Detection of Airborne Gases, Surface Subsidence, and Encroachment.


Find and document leak sources, surface depths, and areas of interest with great accuracy


Have all the data and information you need to make the right decision safely and accurately with our high resolution geospatial services

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A drone in search of Methane


We are a Canadian based Ventus Geospatial Inc, an innovative geomatics and survey company, specializing in drone data collection, processing, and consulting services for the oil and gas industry. We have extensive experience in aerial surveying, mapping, and complex GIS and spatial based analysis. Ventus uses the best drones or unmanned aerial vehicles on the market to produce the safest and most accurate data available today! You can trust us for all your pipeline and leak detection needs!


Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Aerial Mapping
Digital Elevation Mapping and Survey
Unmanned Aerial Leak Detection


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